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Xavier Fine Arts Theatre

1600 W. Prospect Avenue
Appleton, WI

920 733 8840

As of November 7th, masks are optional for those attending performances at the Xavier Fine Arts Theatre.
Masks are required for all entering the building during school hours.
COVID-19 Protocols are subject to changes and updates at any time.

Extended Box Office Hours: Monday-Friday, noon to 3:00 pm
November 29-December 3 and December 6-10 and
one hour before each performance

Join the cast of Christmas Stars

If you would like to audition for the
cast of Christmas Stars please click
the "Apply" button and fill out the application.
Auditions will be held by appointment next May.

Applications recieved after September 10th will be notified for the following year.

Please note that children must be entering
Kindergarten in the fall of the next school year or older.

Performances will be the first two weekends, Thursday through Sunday, of December.

Rehearsals are held Sunday evenings with the Adult Choir beginning the last Sunday of August.
Children, Cherub and Youth Choirs begin in mid-September.

Please note everyone volunteering to participate in “Christmas Stars”
in any capacity is required to complete VIRTUS training.
VIRTUS is a part of the diocesan safe environment plan.
This includes all cast members over the age of 18,
crew members, room parents and anyone assisting
our younger cast members during rehearsals and performances.
Click here for more information on VIRTUS.

You will receive an email link to schedule an audition in May.


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